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Construction Loans

What is a construction loan?

A construction loan is a specialized type of loan that provides financing for the construction or renovation of a property. It is specifically designed to cover the costs associated with building or remodeling a residential or commercial structure.
Construction loans are typically short-term loans that provide funds in stages or “draws” as the construction progresses. The loan amount is based on the estimated cost of the project, including land acquisition, construction materials, labor, and other related expenses. These loans are often interest-only during the construction phase, and the principal is repaid in full once the construction is completed.
The disbursement of funds in a construction loan is typically tied to specific milestones or stages of the construction process. Before each draw, an inspection is conducted to verify that the work has been completed as per the approved plans and specifications. Once the construction is finished, the loan may be converted into a long-term mortgage or refinanced.
Construction loans can be obtained by individual homeowners who want to build their own homes or by developers for commercial projects. Lenders assess factors such as the borrower’s creditworthiness, project feasibility, and collateral (the property being constructed) to determine the loan amount, interest rate, and repayment terms.
It is important to note that obtaining a construction loan requires detailed planning, including architectural plans, construction timelines, and cost estimates. Borrowers should work closely with builders, contractors, and lenders to ensure the successful completion of the construction project within the agreed-upon budget and timeline.


Construction-Only Loan

This type of loan is designed to cover the costs of construction.

Land & Construction Loan

This type of loan combines the construction financing and permanent mortgage into a single loan.

Renovation Loan

This loan is specifically designed for major renovations or remodeling projects.

Owner-Builder Construction Loan

This loan is for borrowers who intend to act as the general contractor.